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Breakfast in Hell

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When YOU allow the establishment to dine on environmental carnage, then EVERYONE shall eat 'Breakfast In Hell'.


'Chemtrails' is one of the more contentious environmental subjects. We have two different scenarios to consider. The first is the obvious issue of discharges from commercial aircraft. The second has more sinister overtones. This is the issue of chemicals being dispursed above populations deliberately as a chemical / environmental weapon.

In recent decades, stories have been reported of strange web-like chemical structures being created via chemicals sprayed from aircraft. These types of 'attack' could result in large populated areas or industrial infrastructures (ie. power grids) being radically affected.

In the latter respect, the claims read like an 'X-File' (from the famous TV series of the same name). But nothing is sacrosanct, and nothing is beneath those who put little or no value on human life or the infrastructures they rely upon.

Of course, while any Government will say it is not at war with it's own people, any new technology needs to be tested first. And who do we test upon? Perhaps some unwitting foreign population? Or perhaps to serve an agenda such as population control? Sometimes war is not simply defined as a battle between two enemies. A war can also be fought against anyone where there exists a sinister motive.

Finally, there is 'research' conducted using chemical or biological agents without a population's knowledge. For example, and many years ago, a 'deactivated' viral agent was released upon the people of Central London. Doctors were then asked to collect blood samples to find the agent's 'markers' / 'signatures' and submit them back to the establishment to see, in the event of a biological attack, how far this virus would spread. These people, without their consent, were used as unwitting guinea pigs in an experiment they were denied the right to decide their participation.

History is littered with unethical behaviour by establishments around the world. It does not make any difference if there is a state of war, or peace. These experiments happen regardless, and will continue to do so by using the excuse of being 'in the National interest'.