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Breakfast in Hell

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When YOU allow the establishment to dine on environmental carnage, then EVERYONE shall eat 'Breakfast In Hell'.


This website was founded in 2017 by the Webmaster to aggregate news about the dangers of the environmental destruction and abuse that is all around us.

The 'prostitution' of our planet goes unabated - day in, day out. Our bodies are exposed to a daily ritual of chemical abuse, and yet we do almost nothing but accept that it is inevitable that this is happening.

What will it take to arouse those who slavishly accept all that is wrong with our world, just so that we can get from day-to-day? As we pollute our seas, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the crops we grow, etc., we think so little of the knock-on effect to our health and wellbeing. We especially ignore the dangers to our children and the toxic legacy we are bequesting them through our own ignorance.

We eat our 'Breakfast in Hell' as an option. But for future generations, there will be no options. Our children will have to accept that the world they live in is dominated by corrupt and evil forces that care nothing for Mother Earth and the constant and unremitting abuse of her natural bounty.

We have a choice to stop this now. But it is not a choice that many are prepared to make. It is a lot easier to accept defeat and to be subjugated by the establishment. Our generation willingly forfeits it's right to make a difference. It is easier to accept the divide-and-rule political dictatorships that keep us well and truly yoked.

Until enough people vote to break the stranglehold of deceitful and small-minded political forces, we shall remain slaves to our masters. A few do fight back, and they are the real heroes of our society. They refuse to accept all of the lies we are told to try and keep us in our place. They fight for the truth to be known. They stand resolute against the fierce winds of conformity. Just because we are subject to a daily tirade of deceipt does not mean we should accept it - just because there are not sufficiently enough other people to stand with us to withstand the forces levelled against us.

For those of you standing your ground, fighting your corner, you are so worthy of your existence in this world. But the struggle goes on. The fight for the truth, to live in a world that is not exploited for it's resources, to refuse to be blandly reassured that 'all is OK' - this is what we live for.

'Anonymous' Quote: "Yes, it's true we place ourselves in danger, to one degree or another, when we stand up against corruption and injustice. But we place our children and grandchildren in even greater danger when we do not. #Courage

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